Bicycle Servicing

(all parts are charged in addition to service fees)



(NB: For kids non-geared bikes, price is only $35!)

This service includes:

  • Check and adjust gears
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check headset
  • Check bottom bracket
  • Check hubs
  • Check chain and cassette
  • Check wheels
  • Check tyres and inflate
  • Check forks
  • Check handlebar grips/tape
  • Check all moving parts
  • Check all fixings
  • Inspect frame
  • Lube chain (if required)



This includes "The Check-up" service, PLUS:

  • Replace gear cables
  • Bleed brakes (if applicable)
  • Replace brake cables (if applicable)
  • Check and clean brake rotors
  • Check brake pads
  • Check spoke tension
  • Check and true wheels
  • Check and clean chain
  • Check and clean cluster 
  • Check, clean, realign derailleur



This service is aimed at full suspension MTBs and includes "The Transfusion" service, PLUS:

  • Bike stripped and back to the frame
  • All parts removed, cleaned and checked for wear and tear
  • Linkages removed, cleaned and checked
  • Bearings checked, cleaned and re-greased
  • Frame cleaned and inspected for damage
  • Bike reassembled, greased and torqued to recommended settings

Fork Servicing



Basic lower fork service:
  • Clean and degrease lower legs
  • Check bushings
  • Check for wear and tear
  • Check wiper seals
  • Replace fluid
  • Reassemble and torque to spec
  • Test



Mid service includes Arthroscopy service, PLUS:

  • Replace wiper seals
  • Reassemble and torque to spec
  • Test



Full service includes ArthroscopyPlus service, PLUS:

  • Replace damper cartridge seals
  • Replace damper oil and bleed
  • Reassemble and torque to spec
  • Test


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Hourly rate

All other services not shown are charged by the hour or part thereof.

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