Bicycle Service Plans

The Check-Up

Suitable for....

All geared and non-geared bikes in need of a basic safety check and a little TLC.

The Transfusion

Suitable for....

All types of bikes that are in need of a more thorough and in-depth inspection and service.

The Transplant

Suitable for....

All full suspension mountain bikes providing a full and thorough 'peace of mind' maintenance overhaul.

Suspension Service Plans


A basic lowers Fork service: Clean and inspect lowers for damage, new grease and oil.


A full Fork service: Clean and inspect for wear/damage, new grease, seals and oil.

Other Services

Flat tyre?

No problem! Bike Clinic can quickly get you back up and riding whether you run tubes or a tubeless system.

Sagging seatpost?

If your seatpost is deflating and your ride is not enjoyable with your knees around your ears, contact Jason at Bike Clinic who will happily service your seatpost so its back to good working order.

Wonky wheel?

Got a wonky wheel or some broken spokes? Jason can rebuild or repair your wheels to keep you moving in a straight line.

No matter what your issue is
Jason at Bike Clinic can get the job done!